Moving Tips

Our Moving Tips

Here are a few general tips to save you money, time and energy and to make your move less stressful overall. These will help if you are on an especially tight budget.

  1. Pack up all small, fragile and loose items. (Some stores give boxes away for free or you can buy them at Lowes, Home Depot or U-haul). We can be more efficient for you if we are able to load multiple boxes on the hand truck, versus moving individual, odd-shaped and fragile items. Also, with moves on elevators, with long walks, stairs, having items boxed is much more efficient. Wrapping paper and bubble wrap (also available at home-improvement stores) are suggested for fragile items.
  2. If you would like us to pack up all contents for you, please let us know in advance so that we may come with the correct sizes and counts of boxes and wrapping materials, if you need these. Our packing material pricing list is in the Rates and Pricing Section of the website.
  3. Labeling the boxes with contents and the destination room/space saves time.
  4. Take apart any bed frames, furniture, etc. that need to be disassembled. If too complicated or you do not have the right tools, we are happy to efficiently do that for you. Ikea furniture and bunk beds can be time consuming. We do take apart baby cribs but are not responsible for putting them back together.
  5. We always pack and wrap all big furniture that must be moved up a stairwell as well as all furniture with glass or mirrors in it. It will take a little bit more time if you have these types of items.
  6. We recommend putting covers on any mattresses that will be moved up a stairwell or in an elevator so that they stay clean. We are also happy to put covers on if you provide them.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We want to make this as easy as possible for you!

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